8 projector setup

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8 projector setup

Сообщение MichaelSmith » 17 май 2018, 12:40


it's been a while since I have posted here. We recently moved into a dedicated warehouse space and we are wanting to set up a 360 degree projection surface. From my calculations, I will need 8 projectors. I just got a tripleheadtogo and so I just tested three projectors with my older macbook pro. It is working well.
Now I'm trying to figure out the next step here. My old computer is not going to cut it I know. Are any of you guys doing multiple projector outputs with the older Mac pros? Can you do 8 projectors out with them? Ideally, I'd like to do 8 1080P outputs. Can the older mac pros with dual video cards handle that kind of output?

Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

I didn't find right solution on the internet.

Video content studio

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Re: 8 projector setup

Сообщение pronosoft » 22 янв 2020, 09:02

That route seemed to work just fine, but I had to resize pics to a lower ratio than recommended. Think it has something to do with the restrictive firewall in place on the network here in Afghanistan.
Hopefully, I can post pics of the ride soon!
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