What's all the craze about pico projectors?

Эти проекторы не дают солидной яркости, зато по компактности им нет равных.

What's all the craze about pico projectors?

Сообщение MichaelSmith » 16 май 2018, 04:50


After witnessing hands on a few years back my first mini pico projector, I was not impressed at all. The small projector had about 15 lumens and was barely visible in a bright room. I was at CES this year and I could definitely feel the hype of pico technology on the rise but is it truly going to outnumber regular lamp projectors.
This year I saw a bunch of great picos lately like the Qumi Q5 and AAXA P300. Both are greatly bright and definitely do the the job but the pricing are quite not there yet for someone that is price sensitive. What do you guys think about all this craze?

Please help.

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