Home Cinema: Projectors vs TV.. sound systems

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Home Cinema: Projectors vs TV.. sound systems

Сообщение HarryJenkins » 19 май 2018, 09:30


I'm thinking I need to have a look at getting myself a home cinema-type setup.
I don't watch much "normal" TV. I don't even have one at the moment (nor do I pay for or need a TV license), so I'm not sure I actually want a TV. I watch DVD boxsets if they're worth it, but wouldn't switch a TV on unless there was something I wanted to watch. The only trouble with this is it makes keeping up with the Tour quite tricky! (ITV Player is hideous, and I will *not* watch adverts).
So, I'm thinking a projector might be an option. I love cinema, but don't really enjoy going to the cinema, so I think a projector might be a good bet, as I should be able to get the "event feel" for a film. I've also never been a big fan of surround sound systems, and would likely just use my (decent) stereo system for sound.
The room it'd go into is probably about 4m x 4m usable space for the projector, and I'd probably be running a media PC-type affair, and a PS3 for DVD/Bluray/some games. Notional, totally hypothetical, budget is somewhere around 2k.
One of my eyes doesn't work that well, which means that 3D TV is of limited (and decreasing with time) importance. Reading that back, it also sounds like I'm a deliberate luddite.
Has anyone got any experience of projector systems? Comparisons to current TVs?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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